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How to get to the Ile de Ré ?

The Ile de Ré, also known as the White Ré, is located in the center of the Atlantic coastline, halfway between Nantes and Bordeaux, connected to the mainland by a curved bridge.

Nearly 3 km long, this bridge of the Ile de Ré tourism connects more precisely the small town of La Repentie, near the port of La Pallice, northwest of La Rochelle, to the point of Sablanceaux at Rivedoux Plage, east of the Ile de Ré.

There are several ways to get to the Ile de Ré.

  • By car or by campsite
  • By train
  • By bus
  • By boat: The crossing takes visitors to the ports of Ars-en-Ré, La Flotte, Rivedoux Plage or Saint-Martin-de-Ré.
  • On foot or by bicycle: On the bridge, lanes are specifically designed for pedestrians and bicycles, for whom the crossing is free.
  • By plane
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The Ile de Ré in a few words

Located between the Antioch and Breton inlets, the Ile de Ré, with an area of 85 km², is the fourth largest island in mainland France, behind Corsica, the Ile d’Orléon and Belle-Île.

Jewel in the crown of Charente-Maritime, the Ile de Ré is appreciated for its fine sandy beaches and has ten traditional villages each surrounded by varied landscapes.

The Ile de Ré is the first island to be labeled Pays d’Art et d’Histoire, in July 2012.

This label of the Ministry of Culture rewards the territories which engage in an active approach of sensitization concerning their heritage, their architecture and their living environment.

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5 good reasons to stay on the Ile de Ré ?

  1. The sea and the coastline are of course the main attractions of Ile de Ré tourism.
  2. The charming fishing ports of Ars-en-Ré, Saint-Martin-de-Ré and La Flotte live to the rhythm of the tides.
  3. The Ile de Ré also owes its reputation to its salt marshes. Located mainly in the northern part of the island, these sites are home to an important variety of plants and are sources of food for birds.
  4. Whether you travel on foot or by bicycle, you will certainly appreciate the peaceful atmosphere around the salt flats. Take advantage of this trip to learn more about the traditional techniques of salt production, especially the fleur de sel.
  5. Ile de Ré tourism also seduces for its numerous flavors.

The villages of the Ile de Ré

Several villages make up the Ile de Ré to satisfy your thirst for history and change of scenery. You can rent a bicycle during your stay at our campsite on the Ile de Ré, and take advantage of the many bicycle paths that go all around the island.

You will have the opportunity to see the Lighthouse of the Whales, the Ecomuseum of the salt marshes, the Cooperative of the Wine growers of the Ile de Ré, the ornithological reserve of Lilleau des Nige, the bell tower Bicolore, the bandstand, the fish locks, the wood of the “trousse chemise”…

There is already a lot to see during your stay on the Ile de Ré, but if you have already managed to see all the rich cultural heritage and postcard landscapes, other destinations not far from the island await you.

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Nature and landscapes on the Ile de Ré

True “pearl of the Atlantic”, the Ile de Ré is home to a mosaic of fascinatingly beautiful landscapes. The island is home to more than 200 species of birds, including wintering (sixty-five species) and migratory birds (fifty-six species).

La Ré Blanche is also home to woodland and grassland birds, including avocets and elegant stilts. The nature reserve of Lilleau des Niges, a structure managed by the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), located in the north of the island, offers among other things guided ornithological tours throughout the year.

The foreshore is also part of the Ile de Ré tourism must-see area, home to several animal and plant species. It is a site that children love to explore and where they can find shellfish: periwinkles, mussels, clams, crabs, shrimps, starfish… At high tide, when the currents are strong, these rocky plateaus that stretch as far as the eye can see become the haunt of local fishermen, who go there as much for the crabs and shrimps as for enjoying this beautiful setting.

Discovery of the salt marshes

The salt marshes are part of the must-see sites of Ile de Ré tourism.

They are composed of three main basins: the mudflat, the evaporation tank and the marsh.

These basins have been skilfully sculpted in the natural clay so that the water can circulate by gravity. The salt producers react to the slightest change in weather conditions each day, increasing or decreasing the flow of water to each basin.

The formation of salt is therefore entirely dependent on weather conditions and the harvesting season generally only lasts from June to September.

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family sports activities

Ile de Ré : a family destination

Several sports and leisure activities in the middle of nature await the vacationers all year long.

The island offers unique experiences to sports enthusiasts as well as to those looking for a peaceful setting.

People come to the Ile de Ré to breathe the fresh air of the Atlantic, to recharge their batteries in the middle of nature and, more generally, to revitalize their minds and bodies.

Unforgettable vacations on the Ile de Ré

In a pleasant setting in the heart of the Charente Maritime department, it is always pleasant to abandon oneself to discovery and to let one’s senses soak up the atmosphere of the Ile de Ré (walks, fishing, discoveries for young and old).

Discover now the campsite Ile de Ré of Ile Blanche and come quickly to join us to spend your vacations in family or between friends on the Atlantic Coast!

The island is overflowing with a rich and enchanting cultural heritage that bears witness to several centuries of French history with its stone monuments and will delight the young and old alike during their vacations in Charente Maritime. Arriving by the bridge of the island, don’t miss to discover the different specialties of the island, such as oysters, sauniers and their fleur de sel or hollyhocks.

There is no shortage of activities on the Ile de Ré!

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  • Fortifications of Saint-Martin-de-Ré: 14 km of ramparts designed by Vauban, a defensive work intended to protect the coast of the Rhone and listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco and is located near the old port.
  • Ernest Cognacq Museum in Saint-Martin-de-Ré: a cultural space set up in a beautiful building classified as a historical monument to learn more about the history of the Ile de Ré, including wine and salt production.
  • Fort La Prée in La Flotte : a military fortress built at the beginning of the XVIIth century, improved by Vauban and opened to the public during the beautiful days from April to September.
  • Salt marshes: one of the singularities of the Ile de Ré, magnificent landscapes crossed by bicycle paths for the happiness of cyclists, hikers and curious people wishing to discover all the secrets of the salt production.
  • Lighthouse of the Whales in Saint-Clement : very beautiful views on the island and the channels at more than 50 m high, and an interesting museum to learn more about lighthouses.


  • Surfing : The coast of Ré la Blanche is dotted with famous spots such as the sandy beach of Grenettes in Sainte-Marie-de-Ré, the Pointe du Grignon in Ars-en-Ré, the Pointe du Grouin in Loix and La Pergola in La Couarde-sur-Mer. These beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are popular with surfers.
  • Windsurfing and kitesurfing : In the south of the island, the beaches of Rivedoux and La Couarde are ideal for these water sports, with schools that offer courses and equipment rentals.
  • Sailing : Most of the sailing schools (Loix, Bois-Plage, La Couarde) also offer catamaran, kayak and stand-up paddle trips.
  • Cycling : The more than 110 km of cycle tracks allow you to reach all the villages of the island, to go along the coast, to cross the woods and the salt marshes.
  • Horseback riding: Several riding centers such as the Haras Des Evieres in Bois-Plage, the equestrian center of Ré in Saint-Clément and the stables of Moulin Moreau in La Flotte for beautiful horseback rides on the beach or in the salt marshes.
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