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Campsite Ile de Re » Holiday on the island of Ré » Tourism Saint Clément des Baleines

Campsite near Saint Clément des Baleines

Location of Saint Clément des Baleines in relation to the campsite

The village of Saint Clément des Baleines is located at the northwestern tip of the Ile de Ré. It is best known for its famous lighthouse, the highest on the island and among the most powerful in France. From the top of the Whale Lighthouse, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the entire Charente Maritime, Ile de Ré and even Ile d’Oléron.
Saint Clément des Baleines also stands out for the beauty of its beaches. Indeed, here are hidden some of the most beautiful beaches of the Ile de Ré. They are a paradise for all water sports. The wild coast and fine sandy beaches are bordered by green dunes and the Lizay Forest Nature Reserve. In other words, Saint Clément des Baleines offers an ideal natural setting for a relaxing or sporting break on the Ile de Ré.
This village is located about twenty kilometers from the campsite l’Ile Blanche ****. In less than thirty minutes, you can find yourself on the magnificent beaches of Saint Clément de Baleines. So take advantage of your stay on Ile de Ré to visit this charming Rhétais village.

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Visit Saint Clément des Baleines on the island of Ré

Saint Clément des Baleines reserve beautiful walks and charming discoveries to all its visitors. Its most important monument is undoubtedly the Whale Lighthouse. You have to climb 257 steps to reach the top of the lighthouse and then discovera spectacular view of Ile de Ré, the bell tower of Ars en Ré, the beach of La Conche des Baleines and the landscapes of Ile de Ré. The Vendée coast and the beaches of the Charente Maritime can even be seen in the distance.
The Whale Tower and the Whale Lighthouse are also part of the built heritage of Saint Clément des Baleines. Monuments such as the Skunk Lock, the Pyramid and the former lifeboat shelter also contain the history that shaped this charming village.
The cycle paths meander through the most beautiful landscapes on the north coast of Ile de Ré. You can walk through the dunes, the Iraty forest, along the beaches to admire them more closely by opting for a bike rental. The salt marshes with their migratory birds will also be discovered by you.

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Its superb beaches also attract countless visitors. La Conche des Baleines is certainly the most incredible with its immense fine sandy beaches and waves ideal for various water sports. This beach is one of the main attractions of the village. To indulge in idleness, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, kite-surfing and many other sliding sports, this beach is a must. The beaches of Saint Clément des Baleines are also ideal for fishing lobster fish on foot. If you are passionate about this activity, your visit is the time to enjoy yourself. In short, Saint Clément des Baleines has all the assets to make you spend unforgettable days!

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