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Campsite near Saint Martin de Ré

Located on the north coast of the Ile de Ré, just opposite the Breton pertuis, Saint Martin de Ré is famous for its fortifications but also for its remarkable period architecture.
It owes its charm in particular to its historical heritage, the most important of the island but also to its exceptional natural heritage.
Your Holydays in Ré will allow you to discover the best of this authentic village on the Atlantic coast.
St Martin offers all its visitors various activities and leisure activities.
Whether you come as a family, as a duo or in groups, a lot of leisure activities await you on site. If the village itself is very pleasant to visit with its Vauban ramparts, the beaches and ocean nature also allow beautiful outdoor activities.
This charming Rhétais village is also less than 3 km from the Ile Blanche campsite.
It is easily accessible from your mobile home, tent, camper van or caravan.
You can reach the island’s capital in just over five minutes from your campsite Ile de Ré. If you like adventures, you can rent a bike to use the cycle paths to get to Saint Martin de Ré.

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Visit Saint Martin de Ré on the Ile de Ré

There is much to discover in the village of Saint Martin de Ré. Considered as the economic capital of the Ile de Ré, we appreciate above all the richness of its heritage and its animation. Many ideas for visits are available in the village. Whether it is a guided tour or an open-air tour, you will enjoy discovering this charming village.
The fortifications of Vauban are for example essential. The almost intact walls have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2008. After admiring this architectural work, you can walk to the heart of the Citadel.
Walking through the old town with its small streets will be a real pleasure.
Monuments to be discovered also include the church of Saint Martin, strongly linked to the history of the village and the island itself.
Take advantage of this visit to climb on the terrace of the Clocher Observatoire. The square tower and its bells never cease to surprise. But above all, you can admire the most beautiful panoramic view of the city and the sea. You can also admire the architectural styles of the Hôtel de Clerjotte and the Ernest-Cognacq Museum while discovering the half-timbered houses dating back to the medieval period.

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Your steps will undoubtedly lead you to the quays of Saint Martin and its beaches. You can simply stroll along the beaches or enjoy the sun while admiring the ocean.
La Cible beach is ideal for relaxing with the family. The Parc de la Barbette is the meeting place for children with donkeys in their panties to take them for a walk.
In addition to the ride, various leisure facilities are available for their enjoyment. The marked trails and views of Parc de la Barbette will make you discover the originality of this village.

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