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Campsite near Sainte Marie de Ré

Located on the south coast of the Ile de Ré,the village of Sainte Marie de Ré charms above all by its aspect of a country village. It stands out especially for its periodarchitecture, itsgreen fields and itsvines. It’s like we transplanted the countryside to the ocean. Thanks to its authentic style, it is often said that this village is the most traditional on the Ile de Ré. It is also the oldest of the Rhetorian villages. It also has a privileged and preserved environment, which has earned it the title ofStation Verte since 2002.
In addition to the quality of its environment, visitors also appreciate the friendliness and happiness of life that reigns in the village of Sainte Marie de Ré. You can also discover it in different ways. As for heritage, this village has something to satisfy the curious. On the nature and ocean side, it also offers a lot to visit.
Ste Marie de Ré is located only 5 km from the campsite l’Ile Blanche. Your stay in camping on the island of Ré in this family establishment is therefore an opportunity to discover all the beauty and charm of this typical village. The road will only take a few minutes.

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Visit of Sainte Marie de Ré on the Ile of Ré

As soon as you see its superb 14th century Gothic bell tower, you know that Sainte Marie de Ré is not far away. This bell tower is one of the monuments to be seen in the Rhétais village with its slender and characteristic point. The ascent to the bell tower is a great way to admire its alleys, Fort Boyard,the islands of Oleron andAix.
The old houses and typical alleys are also very pleasant to look at. All you have to do is stroll a little in the heart of the village to see the old dry stone walls up close. You can also see the fish locks on the shoreline when the sea recedes. To relax between walks, discover thepicnic tables and the beautifulgardens for visitors.

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The beaches of Sainte Marie de Ré are famous for their vigorous waves. The Grenettes spot is the most popular. Here, the waves are assaulted by surfing enthusiasts and lovers ofwater sports. Nevertheless, you will find therequiet beaches, ideal for swimming and family fun. A children’s playground has been set up a few steps from Montamer de La Noue Beach so that little ones can have a good time while their parents enjoy the beach. At some point during the day, it is still possible to practice fishing on foot, a traditional activity of the village. Other leisure activities are available to you with thecycle paths and hiking trails along the wild coast and winding through the land. For a little getaway to the great outdoors from your holiday rentals on the island of Ré at camping l’Ile Blanche, they are a must. Consult our rates forbike rental Ile de Ré.

Other cities on the Ile de Ré around the campsite

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