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Campsite Ile de Re » Holiday on the island of Ré » Rivedoux Beach Tourism

Campsite near Rivedoux-Plage

Location of Rivedoux-Plage in relation to the campsite

Rivedoux Plage is as we say the front door to the Ile de Ré. Located just after the bridge linking the town of la Rochelle to the island of Ré, this Rhétais village is nestled on the banks of the largest bay on the island. It makes holidaymakers happy by combining nature, the ocean and heritage. Rivedoux is home to a few kilometres of superb blond sandy beaches on its north and south coasts, ideal for seaside activities. It also offers beautiful historical discoveries to all holidaymakers.
The village of Rivedoux is appreciated for its softness of life and its friendliness. Your vacation on Ile de Ré will allow you to get a closer look at the quiet beauty of this authentic village on the tip of Sablanceaux. It is ideal for a relaxing break to enjoy the sea air or sports visits on land or on the ocean.
Take advantage of your campsite holidays on Ile de Ré to discover this charming village that is Rivedoux Plage. Only a distance of 8.5 km separates the campsite from the village. The journey to discover its beaches, its monuments and its market will take only 10 minutes by car.

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Visit Rivedoux Beach on the Ile de Ré

When you arrive at Rivedoux Plage, you can already enjoy the charming spectacle formed by its typical white houses with green shutters and its flowered alleys. You can simply admire them by taking beautiful walks along the harbour.
The bike paths also offer beautiful views. There is nothing better than a bike ride (see our Ile de Ré bike rental offer) for lovers or families to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes alternating fine sandy beaches,maritime pines andoyster parks. Take the opportunity to stop by local cafés and restaurants and taste freshly caught seafood.
In addition, the pont de Rivedoux will offer you a breathtaking view of the blond sandy beaches and the Chaveau point and lighthouse. This second longest bridge in France is a must to discover Rivedoux as a whole.
Among the things to visit at Rivedoux Plage, there are also its oyster farms. The north coast, on the side of the Breton pertuis, is the pride of oyster farmers with pockets of spat, openwork honeycomb bags where they raise oysters. The beaches are ideal for kite surfing and boating.

night landscape rivedoux campsite

Other cities on the Ile de Ré around the campsite

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