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Campsite near Loix

The typical small village of Loix en Ré is nestled between the salt marshes. This commune located on the northern coast of the Ile de Ré seduces by its authentic and preserved charm. Although it is certainly the smallest of the Rhetorical villages, it is also the most authentic and wildest. Visitors will be able to discover exceptional landscapes and some remarkable monuments. The village can be discovered in different ways. The village of Loix is also home to salt pans on the marais salants. Working with salt is part of the long traditions that have made the village what it is today.
The happiness of life that reigns in Loix en Ré finishes seducing visitors. It even enjoys Cittaslow recognition for the cities and villages where life has been good since 2014. You can stroll in peace in the heart of the village, travel the winding roads between the salt marshes or take a bike ride through unspoilt nature by choosing from rent a bike to campsite ile de Ré. Not to mention the activities of cultural discoveries.
Loix en Ré is a little less than 14 km from the 4-star campsite on the island of Ré l’Ile Blanche. The drive to this village will take only 20 minutes. You will be able to enjoy beautiful moments of relaxation and pleasure in the company of your loved ones.

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Visit Loix in Ré

The lives of the inhabitants of Loix en Ré are punctuated by nature and the ocean. Located between land and sea, this village is indeed ideal to combine nature discoveries with the joys of the beach. When you arrive in the village, you can already admire the typical white houses with green shutters that can only be found on Ré la Blanche, as it is nicknamed for these houses. Flowered alleys decorate the streets to enhance your walks. The narrow streets intertwine to make you discover all the charm of this authentic village.

The visit of Sainte Catherine church with its square bell tower, located in the heart of the village is a must. Just next door, you can enjoy the market and its entertainment. As soon as you leave the village, you can discover the marshes and the work of the salt workers, simply by walking to the port du Loix. The last tidal mill of the Ile de Ré is to be discovered near this port.

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The visit of the Ecomuseum of the Salt Marshes is a must to listen to the history of the Rhetorical salt marshes and get a closer look at the technique of salt production. Egrets, herons and migratory birds populate this vast expanse of wetlands to enhance your visit. At the end of the peninsula is la Pointe du Grouin from where you can admire an exceptional panorama. You can take the opportunity to visit the small fort of the Grouin. And just below your feet, the cove-shaped beach awaits lovers of idleness and beach lovers. It forms a small haven of peace where you can relax…

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